IP user = IP server

Hi all,
Visitor Log: ip all the same, it’s the server ip.

How to solve?

Pls help.

problem HiddenTracking!

Are you running some kind of cache front end or web accelerator? Or running on NGINX and did not expose your xheaders? Could be many possible reasons. You should provide way more info to enable others to help you.

Installed on the server: NGINX + Apache2 + XCache

Without plug everything works fine. But how to hide the address of the server statistics?

Without what plug? You did not mention any plugin or anything like that…

If you want to hide the URL on your sites its in the wiki

But you really should try and give full information and more complete ideas of what you are trying to accomplish or solve and also say what you have tried already. You are being very vague.

He is using the hiddentracking plugin.