IP Location Recognition


Hello PIWIK Community,

First of all, I want to thank to all PIWIK developers for this superb product.

Even though I like PIWIK alot, it has some issues. I want to ask you, guys, why PIWIK struggles so much in recognising actual locations of IPs. Why is that? For instance, roughly 40% of UK’s IPs are identified as US IPs, also Eastern European IPs as Russians, Indians as US IPs and so on. So, IP location recognitions is extremely unprecise.

Why is that? Where does PIWIK get the data from? Could PIWIK get more accurate data from more reliable sources?

I am aware that there’s a plugin addressing this problem, however, why doesn’t it recognise locations well out of the box?

What’s the best way to solve this issue?

Thank you

(Thomas Seifert) #2

The best way is to use the GeoIP plugin. There is no ip recognition built in - it only works based on the browser language(s) by default.


Thanks, I’ll try GeoIP :slight_smile: