IP Changed / Piwik Doesnt Work Properly Anymore


I’d need some advise from you guys. A few days ago my VPS-hosting
had changed my server IP address. I’m able to login again to my piwik admin, since I did changed the ‘Trusted Piwik Hostname’.

I also changed at all my blogs, the include code. Since the include code did have my old IP address listed. All those changes are almost 18 hours ago done.

But when loggin in at my piwik panel, it just does show me a very few hits for 1 single site. Meanwhile I did visit random my pages, to see if the new IP is listed in the java include, or the old one. In none of the cases I was able to catch the old IP in the java.

My reporting trigger range is still set as 3600 seconds.
When hitting the ‘database usage’ tab (db plugin installed), I can see with every refresh the ‘p1w1k_log_visit’ does update as supposed.

Are you able to give me some pointers ?


Are you running the cronjob to do archiving?

Also, I suggest you use a hostname in your piwik tracking code instead of a IP so that you aren’t faced with this issue again. Since users could possibly cache with piwik code as well, it’ll stop users sending the visit to a server that no long exists.