Ip adres wrong

(Skimbu) #1

First of all. I find Piwik amazing! Really it good to understand, fast, on my own server, nice design, one word: great!

But, there is always a but style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif hea.

I have a strange problem I am hosting my own websites (at home with my own installed servers etc with ubuntu etc). Now I have piwik installed and everything is fine.

website a = the website that i want to monitor
website b = the website where piwik is installed on

But my website that I want to analyze (website A) sits on the same server and behind the same router then website B where the control panel is. Now I go to website A, I see it in piwik (website style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif. But because this stand in website a PiwikTracker::$URL = ‘website b’; the website wil do another request en one way or the other my router detects that en will send it intern to the same server where it came form so all visits come from same IP: the router ip.

And now I have seen the option SetIp but that not activated.

Regards, Skimbu

P.s i have a attachment added its a picture how my visitors log is.