IP Addresses from Canada show up as United States

(gillsterinc) #1

I am in Canada and when I visit my sites for testing and other visitors from Canada visit my sites, the map shows the addresses coming from United States.

I am running the latest version (installed it last week).

Please help.

(savageair) #2

Same here

My site is still under dev. so it’s not live yet, thus only me at this time hitting it.

My location - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Provider - Shaw Cable a Canadian provider ( is shown correctly under Providers/Label as Shawcable )

Shows as a United States location under - Visitors/Location and provider/Country

Thank you for your time

(robocoder) #3

If you’re not using the GeoIP plugin, Piwik guesses the country from your browser lang, eg en-us.

(savageair) #4

Thank you much for pointing the way.
This did the trick !!
In my haste I did not notice “this” plugin noted in the FAQ section.

I’m finding most info is here on the site as I take my time to make my way around it.