Dear PIWIKians out there!
I frequently have the IP in my visitor´s statistics. Every day between 2 to 5 visits. It is from the USA and the “visitor” visits once only one webpage of mine, coming from a Google Adwords ad. Do you, who use Adwords, know this phenomenon? Because I suspect that it is a robot of Google Adwords.
I have no offering on my website which is interesting for US citizens or even written in English.
I cannot exclude this visitor through the “global list of ignored IPs” in putting “66.102.0.*” on the list.

  1. Does anyone can confirm that this can be Google Adwords?
  2. Why does PIWIK not exclude this IP? (at least it is still in the list of “visitors in real time”).
    Thanks for any hints!!
    PS: My PIWIK version is the latest.