Invalidating Archives & Recreating it for Custom Reports does not work

Hello there,

First of this is a self hosted instance of Matomo 4.15.1 (as far as I can see on the Info page)

We would like to recalculate our Custom Report data as we have changed the metrics in them.
The ‘custom report plugin’ is present and we have invalidated the Data with the Button that is to be found.

However the Data did not seem to be getting calculated for the whole time.
For great periods we have very little or no data at all, even though the logs (matomo_log_visit / matomo_log_link_action_visit) show that there are visits on this specific day.

So we are not sure what is going on.

We have tried two times already to completly recalculate the Report from archives and also have tested to make a completly new report after but it showed the same problem.
We have the automatic archiving setup as well so that should not be the issue.

If anybody encountered this or knows what this could cause we would be grateful to know.\

Let us know if you need any further Information to help / understand better.

Best regards