[INVALID] Cache the .js file for better load

Hello, I have create this file:
With this content:

header('Content-Type: application/x-javascript');
header('Last-Modified: '.date(DATE_RFC822,filemtime('piwik.js')));
header('Expires: '.date(DATE_RFC822,time()+3600*24));
header('Cache-Control: store');

That’s force to cache one day on piwik.js, it’s usefull for remove multiple .js access especially if the .js in on other host. That’s improve too the load of the tracking server.

piwik.js is a static file served directly by the web server.

This is probably a wontfix as caching would prevent clients from receiving an updated piwik.js – a bad thing if there are protocol changes.

You might consider using piwik/js/index.php which supports if-modified-since.