Introducing Blackwik: A Piwik client for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

In the light of today’s bad news for BlackBerry’s stock, I hesitate to even post this now :). But, here goes for those poor souls who just recently bought a BlackBerry Z10 (myself included) or a Q10, I humbly announce: Blackwik – A native Piwik client for the BlackBerry 10 Cascades app framework. Here’s a link to Blackwik in the App World for those that may be interested in being able to view their Piwik stats directly from their BlackBerry 10 smartphones:

Any/all feedback is welcome in terms of improving this for anyone (?) that plans to make use of this.


it is possible to Login with your application to the Piwik Server Application with usernames in the form:

Firstname Lastname?

In our Company we use this Form to Login to Piwik. On Server we have Chance the configuration to allow a space bewegen First and last Name.

Kind regards


Hi Lorderich, I’d be happy to look in to this for you. I’ll post back here to let you know what I can find.

I can confirm that Blacwik will pass through the username to Piwik as-is, so it should work in your case. Please give it a try and if it does not work, let me know and I can take a closer look.