IntranetGeoIP Plugin - ipv4 / ipv6 depending on browser

Hi All,

I have just joined the Matomo community as I love the tool and wanted to dig a bit further on it…
I was using Matomo 3.2.1 until today.
I am using an intranet website and I have setup the Intranet GeoIP plugin with Geolocation set on GeoIP (Php).
I have configured the on my subnetworks as well.
So far the plugin is working nice when logging ipv4 ip’s.

My users are using different browsers and for some reasons:

  • Chrome browser is logging ipV4: the geolocation is working fine
  • IE 11 and Edge browsers are both logging ipv6: the gelocation is not working anymore

I was wondering why Microsoft browsers were both being logged in a different way ?

Note: I have not configured the ipV6 in the (as I have no clue on how to setup subnetworks for ipv6 or if the plugin could even support ipv6) so I was not expecting the plugin to work when logging ipv6 ip’s.

Any guidance on both issues “Browser ip logging” and “ipv6 config in the” will be super appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: After upgrading to Matomo 3.3.0, all the ip’s logged appear to be ipv6 kind, regarldess the browser I am using.



So after some research, I found out I could disable the IPV6 in my network settings, which helped me to test using an IPV4.

So far all the subnetwork config were working and all my IP’s got logged at the right location and it was not necessary for me to setup an IPv6 mapping in my subnetworks (who would do that on a private LAN anyway right ?).