Internal / Intranet Geo Location


We have multiple (600+) offices throughout the country. The offices have a single terminal with a static ip.
We have a list of each office and their corresponding site name, address, longitude and latitude references. Would it be possible to import our custom list of offices, so that the tracking information can be shown on the map correctly and referencing the site name as well as ip for all tracking information?

I guess its like having a custom geo location database?

Hopefully this is clear.

Many Thanks

This would be possible indeed, but requires some custom development. If you want to sponsor the team to work on this please contact via:

We do have similar requirement. Our Internal IP is not present in MaxMind Database, However we have internal DB which has this information. Can we load our custom data to Maxmind CSV and use it under Piwik. If CSV is slow then can we load our data in Piwik DB some how to get location info and have this automated.

I found this Bartomedia - Web Design Distinction: Maxmind GeoIP install setup tutorial using PHPMyAdmin but not sure if can be included in existing piwik installation.