Integration of Piwik data with a datawarehouse


for one of our customers we are trying to integrate web activity data into their existing datawarehouse. They have their in-house BI tool so they are not looking for reporting components but just for a javascript client and web service that would store such data. With Piwik I can see the following options:

  • Send data directly from Piwik javascript client to a custom webservice that would save it into a datawarehouse
  • Piwik tracking client + Piwik server + periodic load of log_* tables into a datawarehouse

The second one is somehow more straightforward but with more overhead with an additional system to manage (Piwik) whereas the first option would probably consist of implementing the whole analytics api functionality of Piwik. Any suggestion which route to choose?

I would modify the piwik.php file to send any data received either to a web service or directly into the datawarehouse database.

Alternatively you could look into the reporting API to grab data.

Thank you Vladhor. I will take a look at both of your suggestions.