Integrating Piwik With WooCommerce

Hi I am having major problems with the integration of Piwik with woocommerce on wordpress. I would like to use the E Commerce tracking. I am not a coder or know very much about js. There is a plugin available but it simply doesn’t work. “woocommerce-piwik-integration” WooCommerce Piwik integration — WordPress Plugins its an addon to the plugin WP-Piwik. Any help much appreciated.

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Hello, could you maybe contact the author of the WP plugin to ask them (or contract them) to solve the issue ? I’m sure they will be happy to help (for free or for a fee)

Some years ago I’ve asked the WooCommerce developers if they could build a piwik integration, this is what they came up with: Topic: [Plugin: WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce] WooCommerce and Ecommerce Analytics with Piwik « Forums

So I think the Piwik and the WooCommerce developers should contact each other, for as far as I can see, since then nothing much happens. There is still no WooCommerce-Plugin in the Piwik Plugins nor the Marcetplace…

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