Integrating matomo with my app. It don't show events


I was trying to integrate Matomo with my application but Events and user data is not showing up.

I am tring with a trial account and done as per the documentation done at your end. I was doing a rough integration here Please help asap…!

The good news is, Matomo seems to work fine on your site. Sadly this means, I cannot tell you what the problem is. Someone with more experience with the cloud version could say more I think?

//cc @Lukas

Hi there,

Are you expecting an event each time a button is pushed? When I click on any button no event is sent so there may be an issue in your code. When you send an event for example:

_paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Documentary', 'Play', 'Thrive']);

You should see the request in your network console (see image below). These buttons don’t seem to do this?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the response. I am expecting an event of success of each event.

Each button have its own code and while successfully submitting each event tracking will be done

Please provide a solution asap.

Hi This is the mapping we are using in our code

var mapping = {
        standard: [
        custom: {
            matomo: {
                mappings: {
                    'Email[0].Value': 'Primary Email'
                ignoreDefault: false