Integrate in Joomla


Good Evening

I’ve tried hard to find a solution for my problem (checked youtube videos, help area etc.) but didnt found a hint how to solve this issue.
I installed Piwik until the end. Copied the code.
As I am a Joomla user, i downloaded the Joomla Plugin, unpacked it, entered the code in following fields:
de-DE.plg_SYSTEM_piwik; at the line which says: "enter the tracking code here"
I have not copied it here: PLG_SYSTEM_PIWIK_BOX=“Tracking code” (is this correct?) or should I copy it here as well?
I put the code in both versions: German end English.

After that I made a new .zip (with my code update) and uploaded it in Joomla with the extension manager. Upload was successful and the Plugin in switched “on”.

But when I am logging in Piwik, I dont see any visitors etc. There are already a lot of logfiles on the site, so it should analyzing already, right?

Thanks for your help & regards
Christian Schek



I have this installed in numerous Joomla sites, all v3.x Which version are you using, and with what framework? I’m using the T3

My process was download the Piwik Joomla plugin, upload to Joomla as normal, set up new site in Piwik, copy tracking code, paste into the newly uploaded Joomla plugin where it asks for the tracking code.

I still cant get email reports to work though, nobody here seems to have an answer, hope they work for you.