Installing piwik in case of sub domains

Can you install piwik even if you have multiple folders within the root folder ofthe website.

for example has got main folder wwwroot in which all the index, images and the main files are located.
However in wwwroot there are other folders called tourism_map, etc which again have their own index pages and images folder.

How do I Install piwik in this case.

Will installing piwik in the main folder alone do the job?

You are talking about sub domains and then about folders. You should be more specific, what exactly is your problem?

Piwik does not care about folders and one Piwik installation can handle multiple domains or subdomains.

Well I guess that in each folder you only have static html files, which are not generated from a CMS. That’s right?

In this case I think you have to options, but anyway you need to change each .html file.

Option 1: Add the piwik at the end of each .html file

Option 2: Put the piwik code in an .js file and include this in each .html file.