Installing Piwik 1.5.1 and can't setup database

I am running Piwik on a windows server. I have given full RW permissions for the tmp/ folder and all child folders and also gave same permissions for the config/ folder. I passed the System Check page but when it goes to the Database Setup page it will not install telling me I either skipped a step or do not have cookies enabled.

This is a clean install and there are no config files in this and I’ve tried to put a php.ini that enables cookies in the root of the website docs but it has done nothing to solve the problem.

If I could ask a side question, where does the code for the database setup reside? Maybe I could modify it just to get past this step because I know it’s not true that it can’t continue. However, I have spent an hour trying to figure it out and can’t find where the ‘?action=databaseSetup’ goes to.

On Windows, you have to use the ACL. For this reason, we have packaged Piwik for Microsoft’s Web App Gallery. I would suggest installing that, and then doing in the in-app upgrade to the latest version. (Yes, we need to package up a new release.)

I can’t just use Web Matrix because it has to be run on the actual sever. I’m running a Windows shared hosting server (stupid as I’ve begun to discover over the years now). Is there really no other way to install it? It can’t be that difficult right?

Chrome can not install but internet explorer can. For some reason this is the reason I got the error and now it works.

I’ve submitted a bug report : Chrome cookie error prevents installation · Issue #2666 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub