Installing, configure, use PIWIK in AWS Cloud


We are planning to migrate our on premise instance of PIWIK to the AWS Cloud environment.

Does anyone know of any issues to look out for in moving to this environment?

Thank you,

Not that I am aware of, I setup Piwik on an AWS EC2 instance earlier today. You may want to restrict access to an IP or IP range as opposed to public access that is by default. AWS is configurable to replicate, or better, your current hardware that is used on-premise.

Good luck :):grinning:

Create the instance in the region that most of your visitors will be from or will be close to.
Set up a separate volume for MySQL database files for easy migration, backups and expansion of storage.
Tune all the relevant settings in sysctl that provide high network load.

And you installation will be PERFECT :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was just making sure no one advised against installing in AWS. :slight_smile: