Installed Piwik, but no website traffic

(PiwikPete) #1

Installed Piwik 0.4.5.
Added javaScript to webpages in website.
But I don’t see any traffic in Piwik analyzer.

Even when I call the URL: http:// piwik . mydomain . com / piwik.php ? idsite = 1
No reaction.

I installed Piwik in a subdomain, of my website.

I had a lot of problems installing Piwik.

  • php extensions:,,
    were not available on my server, but later fixed by the hoster.
  • I Did get the error:
    There was a problem installing the plugin Example Feedburner: Mysqli prepare error: This command is not supported in the prepared statement protocol yet If this plugin has already been installed, and if you want to hide this message, you must add the following line under the [PluginsInstalled] entry in your config/config.ini.php file: PluginsInstalled[] = ExampleFeedburner

Which I solved by adding "PluginsInstalled[] = ExampleFeedburner " as described.

I don’t get any errors, but no statistics. And Yes, I do have (logged in) visitors.

How, can I see if the system is up and running ?
I even looked into the database, no change in records.
How can I test the package?

Thank you,