Installed But Does Not APpear-OptimizePress conflict?


  1. I installed with Hostgator support , but it will not work nor show up anywhere on my site.
    I do have Statcounter plugin in and I am using OptimizePress Theme

  2. How do I find my personal authentification token

  3. I am trying to track all posts

  4. I installed script in optimizePress Footer theme

thank you!

see Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I did install according to those instructions

DO I need to copy and paste script to all posts to get traffic readings ?

I did not get anything to show to indicate Piwik is installed, after completing install

Yes you need to copy the javascript code in your “footer” template


I have copied the code to the footer, but it still doesn’t track.

Please help.


see faq “no data”

Hi Matt,

I have read the “no data” a few times before I made that post.

I have a number of websites already setup with Piwik and they’re working fine. Except for one. I’d like some help to diagnose the problem.

Please tell me where to start.


What is website url with piwik tracking?

This is the website we want to track:


I don’t know for sure what the problem is but my guess is that some other javascript on the page is conflicting with Piwik in some ways?