Installation successfull - Not possible to access view


I have some kind of a strange behaviour with my fresh installation on shared webhosting by Hetzner Germany.

The installer runs without any issue, the database is recognized, tables are created, I kind of can log in, but I can’t see the dashboard. It is like beeing a user without permissions. I can see the website accumulating visits in the “all websites”-section, but it says I need permission view=1 if I click on it. I also can access the settings, but changing my settings is not permitted due to a “wrong token”.

The summary: Matomo seems to run normally, but as a Superuser I am not allowed to access the data or to add new users. File test shows no errors. Only if I check on GeoIP (php) it says “no database found”.

Any ideas?

Matomo auf Hetzner (Shared) aktuell nicht möglich?
(Lukas Winkler) #2


Can you please check the server logs and your browser console for errors?


Hi, the console only repeats the error message if I try to access the websites dashboard:
Possibly unhandled rejection: Sie haben keinen Zugriff auf diese Ressource, weil sie 'view' Zugriff für die Webseite id = 1 benötigt.

In further settings I get the message that I am not a superuser. But only at the backend, nothing in the console.

No errorlogs regarding matomo visible. Just a few SSL-related errors for some clients. No general errors when surfing the website.