Installation Problem - Runs on host, no data for any other domains


Hi folks

I’ve searched high and low in the forums for a solution to my problem. I am following the instructions here How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo to the letter. So far Piwik is tracking the data on the host ok (ie the domain hosting the installation), but its refusing to show the data from any of the other domains.

I checked Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo and went through all the steps. Initially thought it was the mod_security thing, and got the primary domain whitelisted, but its still not pulling in data. Looking that the database piwik_log_visit shows that it’s logging only the primary domain, and no other domains.

I’ve double checked to make sure I uploaded the custom piwik.php file to the root of each of the other domains, and have embedded the custom code into each of the sites, making sure the site ID matches what’s been entered into Piwik.

What am I missing…!!!

Any helpful suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!



Never mind, answered my own question!

Turns out that the lovely support person at Hostgator had NOT turned on fopen as he said yesterday, so lucky I double checked today, and a different support person switched it on. NOW it’s working…yay.