[Installation] No display of the Welcome Screen

Hello everyone, I installed Piwik on my local LAMP server and the installation and configuration worked well. But when I try to install on a remote LAMP server with FTP, the welcome screen which initialises Piwik is not displayed.

I downloaded a new PIWIK project from the website, and I transfered it with FTP in ‘binary mode’. When I go to the URL of my project, I’ve got this error message : ‘Piwik encoutered an error: Unsupported operand types (which lead to: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type)’. It seems like Piwik tried to connect to the database which I did not get the chance to configure in the first place (so no username, no host, no database name or password). As a workaround, I tried to create a config.ini.php myself to mock the configuration process but this process isn’t just create a config file, and so I got new errors about missing options on the database.

Why Piwik is not starting with the Welcome screen which configures the project? What makes Piwik choose between displaying the configuration screen or staring the app itself?

FinalIy, is it possible to make this configuration myself ?


I wouldn’t recommend to try to repair the database, but start again.

So (I am assuming you have no data to loose), drop all tables in the piwik database, delete the piwik piwik folder and reupload the content of the zip.

The setup screen should appear as it wasn’t configured before (I think by default there is no config/config.ini.php and it is created on the setup`)

If the error also occurs again on a fresh install without an config.ini.php, message me.