Installation File Integrity Check Failed

(meanmom) #1

File size mismatch: /home2/swmtsuga/public_html/piwik/libs/jquery/tooltip/changelog.txt (expected length: 1662, found: 1663)

File size mismatch: /home2/swmtsuga/public_html/piwik/libs/open-flash-chart/php-ofc-library/README.txt (expected length: 812, found: 813)

Is this going to cause me any problems?

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(jstock) #2

I have seen errors of this nature during the install, with these files and also with other files.
I have always simply completed the installation without any problems at all.


(SpikeX) #3

All you have to do is look at the files to know if they’re important or not. A changelog, and a readme? Definitely not important files at all, so you can ignore integrity errors.

I had an integrity failure on a .bat file (in the misc/ folder), but since my install was on Linux it didn’t matter, since batch files are Windows-only, so I ignored it.

Now, if you had an integrity error on a .php file, then I would start to get worried. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

(vipsoft) #4

Starting in 0.6.4, the file integrity check is a little more tolerant of non-binary files uploaded in TEXT mode.