Installation Error - Tried installing 4 times

Hi there

I keep getting a persistent installation error. I downloaded Piwik several times from the official site and made sure the files are uploaded to the server exactly as described

However, every time I get to step 2 (System Check) I get the same error over and over again (enough to make even the sturdiest of characters shriek like a herd of elephants locked in a sauna)

File integrity check failed and reported some errors. This is most likely due to a partial or failed upload of some of the Piwik files. You should reupload all the Piwik files in BINARY mode and refresh this page until it shows no error.
File size mismatch: /home/flyboy/public_html/traffic-tracking/piwik/plugins/Live/templates/scripts/live.js (expected length: 1413, found: 1357)
File size mismatch: /home/flyboy/public_html/traffic-tracking/piwik/plugins/Live/templates/live.css (expected length: 1517, found: 1449)
File size mismatch: /home/flyboy/public_html/traffic-tracking/piwik/misc/generateDoc.bat (expected length: 117, found: 115)

It’s as persistent as that itch I got last year when I used a can of tar to… uh, too much info =P

These are warnings because of CR/LF conversion by your ftp client. You should be able to continue the installation.

@vipsoft, you’re a Genius! (notice how I capitalized that “G”?)

I switched to forced binary and uploaded those three files again - the message disappeared into fat air.

So I bought you a beer (that’s all the love you’ll get from a guy without the horse and a mountain)

OK, so if anyone gets the same problem and finds this through search, this is what I’ve done

  1. In FileZilla (the FTP client I’m using), go to Edit>Settings>Transfers>File Types and switch from “auto” to “binary” (unless your message said you should upload files as ASCII). If you’re using a different FTP, look for an option that switches the file type when transferred

  2. One by one, manually replace the offending files by navigating to them (the error tells you where they are, so that’s easy) and dropping the same files over them

  3. Once done, switch your FTP client back to whatever it was before you changed it to binary

  4. Clear your browser’s cookies and go back to the first installation page. Everything should be back to normal.

i learn something today…