Installation and Configuration

(David Foley) #1

Hi All

I’m new to Piwik and would like to ask one or two question,

Our current Enviroment is the following, we are Hosting Files for an American company that a user will log into our parent Company’s Web Site when they go and click on a file to download,
the Responds is sent to our Web Servers to download the file from our Servers.
we have 4 Apache Servers running acting as Round Robin. for the downloads, Currently our Reporting is done within SQL and it can get messy with name changes etc.

So what i would like to do is to be able to Install Linux Web Server with Apache2 installed. Reach into our DFS file server which is where all the Apache Logs are kept for each Windows Apache Server and pull them into Piwik.

Can this be done if so could some one help me please.

Thanks for your help