Install Routine stopps blank when connect Database [solved]

Version 1.4,

just loaded today morning (12.05.),
depacked the about 2.000 files,
uploaded with binaer to web-space,
web-space is connected to sub-domain

first page index.php starts with welcome,
System check tells all ok, just mind about 64 MB

then database:

  • when I fill in wrong data - it ‘comes back’, can’t connect - wrong = ok, nice
  • when i fill in correct data (database with same data able to use with phpmyadmin) then no any more reaktion,
    also no any changes like create data …

page source is empty !

Any solutions ?

please ask your webhost, maybe there is some error in your error logs?

request is done,

but I found out more:
it also is at Version 1.3
even with Firefox, Iron or Chrome

BUT, when i stalled it on other Web-Hoster (, where i could also change php) with (Version 1.4) there where 2 Options to choose for Database:

  • MySqlI
    so there it is running - I get already klicks in

where at united-domains-Webspace ONLY ‘MYSQLI’ was availible.

On unified domains, what happens if you comment out this line in core/Db/Adapter/Mysqli.php

//	        $config['driver_options'][MYSQLI_OPT_LOCAL_INFILE] = true;

Answer from

Reason is because of URL-Hiding using a folder of domain, as a sub-domain.

Installation with older Version 1.3 - directly started successful.
So I delete, upload 1.4 and try same again.

Thanks for solution.