Install Problem Page ends by line 39 No


I Try to install piwik

First i Try 2.12 after reading some posts i Try 2.9.1 but it is allways the same

the installationpage would not be created completly it is ending by line 39
the last lines are



I can’t find any errorlogs so i have no idear whats happend

PHP Version 5.3.29
My Sql 5.5.38
memory_limit 36M

best regards

I changed to php 5.6 but is the same

Hi there,

please try this version:

if you have any error please post a screenshot showing the problem, and maybe you have some more error messages in server log?

You can close it

my provider writes me Piwik needs to much resources
it cant run on my Webspace

thank you a lot
best regards