Install failure

Installation gives error
SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘telfordsteam’@‘artemis’

where is the @‘artemis’ coming from? - I did not enter it

I have previously installed myVisites with no problems using the exact same entries in the fields required to define the database

OK - I had to add a new user, dont know why, to the database - but anyway, now the installation is complete

However this does not seem to be recognised as every time I try to access the system it wants to re-install?

Advice please.

OK - 3rd time lucky - started from scratch
deleted everything and re-installed -
now its installed and allows me to log in - but
i get 'oops problem occured during request’
when I log in and no dashboard displays.

Suggestions appreciated.


ok - got it working - it was down to the problems I outlined in previous post re my ISP and his support for PHP5