Install error on MySQL5


I have tried to install Piwik with MySQL5. The problem is, that I have MySQL4.0 and MySQL5 on the same machine.

I must use for MySQL4 as Hostname: localhost
for MySQL5: localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock

In the install field for Hostname I use: localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock

The install error that I become is:
Error while trying to connect to the MySQL database:
SQLSTATE[00000] [1045] Access denied for user: ‘dbo291004299@localhost’ (Using password: YES)

But the username and password is correct - I think, the install routine will connect to localhost but that isn’t correct - Piwik dont use the socket that I need to connect to MySQL5

What can I do?

I have found the error…

you must write:


Technically, the hostname, “localhost”, should not be specified. You should be able to simply specify it as: