Instal not tracking visitors

(ramare) #1

I have checked all the posts in the forum and tried the solutions from other having the same problems but the stats are not working for all of our sites. We have Piwik setup on a separate server we have the code installed on sites located on multiple hosts. One of the hosts which is hostgator we have our site stretchmarksguru and have installed the following tracking code in the footer above the closing body tag.

I was trying to post the code here but keep getting an error that their can not be any links to a website. Please check the footer on the site listed above to see the code.

NOTE* I had to replace all the domains with dot com as this system does not allow the full domain extension.

I did check h t t p s://analytics.ramare dot com/piwik/ and it gives me a 404 page, could this be the problem? If so how do we solve it?

Thank you,

(vipsoft) #2

I have already responded in trac.

To reiterate: contact HostGator tech support; open a ticket requesting that your domain be whitelisted against their mod_security rules.