Inserting historical data by hand (visitor period totals)

I have historical data from another tool staring from 1997. Is it possible just to insert the yearly and monthly visitor totals by hand? And for the past few months even the weekly and daily totals?

This history could be viewed in the Last visits graph when selecting the Data range period to Year, Month and Week.

P.S. other data is not very important; this will be build up automatically again.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi all,

Yes I’m a newby :wink: Only purpose is to view the trend over the past weeks, months and years.

If someone has a hint it would really be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

I figured out that it is not easy to insert correct data directly in the archives (numeric and blob).

At this moment I have done some testing with good results.

I made a script whichs generates apache logs with minimal data, using arrays with random visitor IP and visit times.

With the apache2piwik tool the apache logs can be pushed into Piwik.