Insert own map in Piwik(tu)

Hello, please tell me whether you can insert own SVG map in Piwik?
At the moment I use Piwik intranet enterprise network, and so I use the module IntranetGeoIP, but now to great effect, it is necessary to change the standard world map on the company map, division buildings

How can this be achieved, like it’s just a SVG files with the properties of polygons as the names of cities, it turns I have to make a SVG file in which the building of my company will be associated with the names of who made ​​the module IntranetGeoIP

Hi, im kinda in the same problem. Have you made any progress on that topic?


Unfortunately the map SVGs are one of the older parts of Matomo that need some overhaul in the near future.
At the moment it isn’t even possible to update the current maps without major changes.