InfinitWP and WP-piwik bug


I’m running several WordPress sites using InfiniteWP and Matomo.

On one of my sites, there is a conflict between infiniteWP and Matomo.

Here is the error message:

Notice: Constant MAX_SERIALIZED_INPUT_LENGTH already defined in /home/folder_ovh/piwik/libs/upgradephp/upgrade.php on line 322

and the entries in InfiniteWP:

./plugins/iwp-client/init.php:define('MAX_SERIALIZED_INPUT_LENGTH', 8192);
./plugins/iwp-client/init.php:    if(strlen($str) > MAX_SERIALIZED_INPUT_LENGTH)
./plugins/iwp-client/init.php:        // input exceeds MAX_SERIALIZED_INPUT_LENGTH

Have you an idea of what can cause the first message on this site and how to avoid it?


It literally says it in the error message what the “problem” is.

In line 322 in /home/folder_ovh/piwik/libs/upgradephp/upgrade.php already is an define('MAX_SERIALIZED_INPUT_LENGTH', 4096); statement, so PHP is giving you a notice about this.

But as it is just a notice you can simply ignore it and everything should work as expected.

Thank you,
The notice was displayed by a bad configuration of the hosting.