Individual level web tracking data

I’m new Matomo and currently doing some research into how we can use the product for our needs.

Basically what we would like to be able to see would be that Joe Bloggs clicked on an email in his inbox at 2:03pm and at 2:04 he then landed on our landing page and at 2:05 he started filling out the webform application and at 2:25 he submitted his application.

Would this require purchase of one or more plugins?

If so, which plugins would help us achieve this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



That should work out-of-the-box with Matomo.

Tracking E-Mails is a bit more complicated as you can’t run JS directly: How do I track how many users open and read my newsletter emails (using a pixel / beacon)? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

And for getting far more detailed reports about people filling out forms and submitting them, I’d recommend the following plugin: