Incorrect statistics

Hi !

So since the beginning I have problem with one page.
Google analytics did not want to work - after 2 weeks, it showed no visits, so I switched to piwik. It started to show visits so I was happy about that but after I while I noticed that something is not wright and today I checked it and find out that it either not working at all or have some problemes.

In piwik, it shows me bout 1-3 visits per day since the beginning but I knew there was something wrong because an article that I added exactly one month erlier has now become the most popular article in the site. So I checked it in joomla statistics it showed 120 clicks. Ok, I know that this statistics are not too reliable but after that I cross-checked it with awstats on my serwer and just in november just this one article had 43 visits.
I’am sure theese were not my visits and I’am the only administrator so no one else could “make” those visits on purpose so the only conclusion is that there is something wrong with the piwik.

but what ? can anyone help me with that ?
I also have installed piwik code on a bunch of my other websites but because of that I’am not sure if they are showing goos numbers…

the web page that I’am talking about is here:

also in the beginning I used 1.12 version of piwik, but in hope to make it work properly I updated it to the newest beta release but no changes.
How is the code inserted ? I put it in themplate’s own box for analytics code. (previously I tried the joomla plugin for piwik, or to insert it manualy to the php file but no visible changes)

and this is where I’am stuck - I don’t know anymore how to make it work.
Any Ideas ?


it sounds like it should work for you. we listed all possible causes that could explain why data is not tracked, in this FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo