Incorrect pagenames

When I use ‘visitors in real time’ the pages are not displayed correctly. ‘Site search:1’ is displayed in stead of the homepage. I used the latest tracking code. Any ideas?

Thats surprising. Can you post a screenshot?

Here a screenshot of the dashboard.

is the Actions>Page URL and Actoins>Page title work OK ? it looks like you are only tracking site search requests rather than page views

No, nothing is displayed there. The code I use on my website is this:

can you try with latest beta: Index of /

I installed the latest beta version, but with the same result. To test the problem I started with a simple page and everything worked fine. After some time of testing I found the cause of the problem. When I use a querystring like “Create Your Website for Free —” the problem occurs. Sadly is my website constructed using these querystrings. Is there a solution for this?

I did some more testing and solved the problem. I changed the querystring from “Create Your Website for Free —” to “Create Your Website for Free —”. Now everything works just fine. Thank you for your help!