Inconsistent tracking data when using SSL

Hello Piwik folks.

I’m brand new to the world of Piwik and have installed Piwik locally on a LEMP server. Both sides ( and are HTTPS only. Tracking for direct entry on desktop appears to be working correctly, as I’m recording visits in Real-time Map, Visitor Log, etc when I access the site. However, visits from mobile devices (with Javascript enabled) are not being tracked. It seems like I’m missing something painfully obvious, but could not find a relevant solution from the FAQ’s and Troubleshooting guides. If any other configuration details are needed, I’ll be happy to provide them.


tracking from mobile devices should work fine… Maybe you can see some warnings, or JS errors, or other messages in the browser console ?

If you cant see anything, then try to debug the tracking requests as explained in: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

I found the problem – I was using a self-signed certificate for the piwik domain. After getting a valid certificate, everything works as expected. I was seeing results for myself, because I had approved the self-signed certificate on my machine. Using incognito mode revealed the network errors with the external piwik resources.