Inconsistency between System Check and console diagnostics

Hello, My first message here. Well, I’m fine tuning my installed Matomo and found a kind of inconsistency between a check done from the GUI against the one done from command line.

In System Check, it says " Set up Cron - Managing processes via CLI not supported (optional) (Reasons: shell_exec is disabled)"

So, I read and ran the related command from shell prompt as below:

$ sudo ./console diagnostics:run --all | grep -i "processes via cli"
Set up Cron - Managing processes via CLI: OK Ok

So, what is the right report?

Also, it leads to a side question: the control panel I’m using disabled a list of PHP functions including shell_exec and if I remove it from the list, it raises a warning indicating a security issue. Then, does the shell_exec is mandatory for Matomo (e.g. to schedule tasks through cron) or is it just an optional way?

Let me know.

Anyway, very clear and polished insights; I think I’ll rest from Google Analytics °O°

Hi @hilo
In my understanding:
Probably Matomo uses shell_exec to check the CRON is enabled or not… Then if shell_exec is disabled, Matomo could not check…
shell_exec seems to be not mandatory for Matomo, just used to check some settings, that’s why only a warning is raised, not an error…

OK, @heurteph-ei, thanks. So, do you know if these related cron jobs are described somewhere, to be able to configure them by hand?

Hi @hilo
AFAIK, the only CRON to be configured is:

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OK :wink: So, not necessary to allow shell_exec. Thanks for the link.