Incomplete data in Referrers.getAll method

Hi matomo team,

I am Abhishek Sharma, a backend developer from DotPe. We are integrating matomo to let our merchants know about their customer analytics. We are trying to use this method Referrers.getAll But unfortunately it is partially working as We are expecting data of Websites, Search Engines and Social together in the form of a response. But What we are actually getting is the data of websites and Social in response. The data of Search Engines is missing in response. I request you to please help me out with this. I know there is a separate method to do so which is Referrers.getSearchEngines. Still getAll means we will get aggregated results of all of these. Kindly help me if I am wrong or suggest me something else whichever is favourable for you.

Thanks and Regards
Abhishek Sharma

If needed, you can develop your own plugin…