Inaccurate hits

Hi folks,

We are currently just testing Piwik on a number of our sites and love the interface and potential. We are finding that it does seem to be significantly under reporting.

I seem to be getting significant less hits on Piwik than we am actually getting. We had over 271 visits according to Piwik but in reality we had over 2000 visits according to our own reports. The page in question is SPARK FC Demo

Any help much appreciated.



What kind of reporting are you currently using?

Hi Fabian,

We have our own registration form. From the registration we can see significantly higher visits. Over 2000 registrations.

Thanks in advance,


Ok, that doesn’t really tell me how you track those “2000 registrations”. Please refer to the FAQ for answers to tracking differences.

Hi Fabian, Basically our own form records MAC address of each device as well as the Email. You can see the form here SPARK FC Demo . We are not using any other analytics other than the form.We have had over 2000 registration so we would have expected Piwik to be at least equal to this. I have read through the FAQs and trawled the Internet but have been unable to find an answer so far.

Best, Oliver

Hi Oliver,

Are all the registrations valid? I’m asking because this form can easily be filled out by spam bots.

Recording MAC addresses is technologically impossible (at least the way you expect it to work) since it’s a layer 2 technology (Medium access control - Wikipedia) and the MAC address you see on your end isn’t the one from the client - it’s just from the next router (which is probably in your data center).

The tracking code on your website looks fine and sends tracking requests. Apart from spam bots I can’t think of a good explanation for the differences you get.


Wifi –

Are you using JavaScript to track visits? If so, there are a bunch of ways a visitor will not show up in Piwik:
[li] JS is not available/installed (likely true for bots)
[/li][li] JS is disabled
[/li][li] User hits the back button before the page (and JS) fully loads

I’m sure there are other causes, but you get the point.

Hi Guys, thanks for your replies.

We are sure that the registration form is accurate as it is on a landing page for a public hotspot and we collect the user’s local IP as well. The only thing we can assume is perhaps Javascript is disabled or has not had time to load.

We are going to try and host a local version of Piwik on the same server as the registration portal and see if it makes a difference.