@ in URL breaks the Reporting API


My URLs has the following structure:

In the dashboard the data displays well, both for /@alex & /@alex/post-1 : http://cl.ly/image/0v1K2t3I0w2X

When I click export to JSON:

I get no results for /@alex/post-1 (results for /@alex are ok):

I guess something is wrong with the label parameter when querying for data:
Here is the label Piwik is using to get the data into the dashboard for /@korotaev/TGU2pvbC:


It does not work when querying the Reporting API. Tried different varieties of labels, still nothing.

Is there a special use of @ in Piwik?
Why do I get no results when querying via Reporting API?

Here is some info to debug: Successful internal request for data when loading Piwik dashboard: http://cl.ly/image/2a0A2f432d1s/Screen_Shot_2014-09-14_at_15_55_35.png Failed request to the Reporting API(empty results): http://cl.ly/image/1I220p3y2m2w/Screen_Shot_2014-09-14_at_16_02_32.png

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Try the following parameters that should help you:

expanded; some API functions have a parameter ‘expanded’. If ‘expanded’ is set to 1, the returned data will contain the first level results, as well as all sub-tables. See, for example, the returned dataset for the Actions.getDownloads API function.

flat; some API functions have a parameter ‘expanded’, which means that the data is hierarchical. For such API function, if ‘flat’ is set to 1, the returned data will contain the flattened view of the table data set. The children of all first level rows will be aggregated under one row. This is useful for example to see all Custom Variables names and values at once, for example, Piwik forum user status, or to see the full URLs not broken down by directory or structure.

Reference: Reporting API Reference: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3


@matt Tried expanded & flat, no results.

I do think the problem might lies in @ symbol. Here is the table with my results for getting data about different URLs.

URL ------------- Piwik Dashboard ----- Reporting API

@alex ------------- Success ------------ Success

folder/post-x ----- Success ------------- Success

@alex/post-y ----- Success -------------- Fail

*Fail means the response contains an array with dates for a period but with no data.

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@websirnik thanks for the report. Can you maybe somehow reproduce this issue on the demo of piwik at http://demo.piwik.org/ ? let me know either way, as we need to follow up and create an issue for this bug :slight_smile:


@matt Tried to send my tracking data to http://demo.piwik.org/piwik.php endpoint. But it’s not showing up on the demo dashboard. If you guide me on how to share my tracking data with you, happy to try again.

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@websirnik please send it to idSite=3 which is publicly available on demo. Note that the data is only re-processed every few hours. Cheers


Oh, I see, processing is delayed, so the endpoint worked yesterday. I used idSite=32.

Here you see:

Dashboard: Success JSON Export: Fail

Dashboard: Success JSON Export: Success

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Thanks for the report and reproducing the bug! I’ve created a new issue in github at: Row evolution API: no data returned when &label parameter matches a path containing @ character · Issue #6287 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub