In Section "Goal", the "Ecommerce" item is missing after upgrade to 3.0


I run a Website with ecommerce tracking enabled. Under “Goals”, there is also a menu item for ecommerce.

Now I upgraded to Piwik 3.0, everything is working fine and also the ecommerce tracking is working as before. The only difference is that the “ecommerce” menu item in the “Goals” section is missing now. So I cannot get information about ecommerce conversions and traffic any more.

Any idea why this is not there any more? The “ecommerce” switch for that Website is still set in settings and next to that option is also states that there should be a also an “ecommerce” menu item in the goal section as well.

Currently, the goal section only shows my custom goals that I have defined which are not related to ecommerce things…

Any ideas what might be wrong here?



That’s strange, the menu should be there. Can you try to maybe reupload all files from Piwik 3.0.1 ?

Well, the file integtry check says that all files are there and correct. So I doubt that just reuploading will help. Can you point me to the code where the menu item is rendered in the UI so I can step through the code and see why it is missing?

Is there more than just the “Is Ecommerce Site” flag in the settings of a site that determines whether to show the menu item or not?