In matomo can we push custom Js events(Add to cart, view etc) on their specific Kafka topics or Hadoop?

Hi team in matomo can we push custom Js events(Add to cart, view etc) on their specific Kafka topics or Hadoop ?
I am unable to find out to sink these real time payloads to Kafka or Hadoop

@V.K sorry I am tagging you here ,
but I am struggling to find out this from a long,
can you please redirect me to the correct person for this issue.


Hi @heurteph-ei
Sorry to tag you directly here, actually im stuck in this from a long.
I want to know that how to send this raw data (visitorId, Screen size, revisit or not etc) to kafka for further processing. whatever raw data captured by Matomo Analytics, i want a real time dump into kafka for further processing.
how can we achieve this in matomo?
im using matomo piwik (4.14.1 version)
is there any native availability to do this ? because kafa extension of matomo is completely obsoleted .


Hi @pkr2
Sorry I don’t know kafka at all (I only know the writer! :wink: )
Maybe you could try to fork the kafka extension in GitHub and update your fork in order to work with latest version of Matomo?

hi @heurteph-ei
Thanks for giving me your time to reply,
I saw this guide for migrating extensions for suporting newer version of Piwik
but it seems to me this will be too complex
Can you please please guide me on this :
1. right now this extension is developed on which piwik version 1 or 2 or 3 ?
2. and on which section do i need to change the code .?

If we dont choose this complex route. do we have any other options like Pub/Sub… etc ?

Hi @pkr2,
For linking purposes, link to your GitHub question:

Looking at the Marketplace, it seems this plugin was developed until Matomo version 2 (included).
For the code, sorry, I am not an expert on this field… :worried:

hi @heurteph-ei

Thanks for your response.
Is there any other native way in Matomo (on premise or on cloud) through which I can send the raw data in real time to my own warehouse?
I saw this one
But this is completely API based which is providing you a day, month, year based raw data. I want this to be in Real Time subscription based manner .


Hi @pkr2
I have no info ahout this.
For real-time, except looking directly in the DB, I don’t see anything else…
I found some example videos, I don’t know if it could give you some tips?