Improvrments of reports you can export

Here are some suggestions to how you can improve the reports you can export to PDF, TSV etc.

  • It would be very useful if you could pick a certain ‘amount’ of pages or a part of your structure of pages and then export a report based on this subset of pages. This function would be very useful in the report Pages.

I know you can use the &flat=1 parameter but that will give me all sub-pages. Sometimes I’d like to get only a part of pages or a sub-structure or division of pages to my report.

  • It would be great if the exported reports show more than 100 lines, for example in Excel. There seems to be a limit to how many rows you can export.

  • The sorting of the exported report could need some improvement. It would be best to have the most visited/ shown pages in the beginning and the least visited/shown pages at the bottom of the report. When i use the &flat=1 parameter the order varies as shown in attached picture. In the example picture you can see that a page with 21 pageviews comes below pages with one or five pageviews. The order is confusing.

Hope you understand what I mean? Otherwise contact me and I’ll try to explain more. I hope you find my suggestions useful for improving the reports. I think many would be happy with a better report function. Despite what many think the paperless office is not so near us :wink:
Best regards,

We keep the suggestions for scheduled/email reports in this ticket: Scheduled report list of improvements · Issue #3088 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I was not thinking about the Email-reports. I meant the reports you manually can create when you click on the icon to export reports.
But sure, it would be great to have these features in the Email-report as well.
Do you want me to create a ticket for my suggestions?