Improving user/site administration

(Zolcsi) #1


I am using piwik for creating statistics for a large number of users (few hundreds of them). Each of them has his/her own custom site, with an account to piwik.
This is working fine, thanks to your API, but when I log in with an admin account to piwik, there is just too much information.
It would be nice, if the user list could be separated to pages, or maybe allowing to assign users to groups.
And the same applies for the sites.

So far, that’s all I noticed, otherwise piwik is really nice style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
Keep up the good work guys!

(kfed1021) #2

I agree with you. For someone who is just new to using Piwik, the way the admin page is set up is just too difficult. I hope that it could be made into a much more simple page. Because there is too much information, it gets confusing sometimes when you are just looking for something and you can’t find it underneath all that info.

(Solidgho) #3

Perhaps the developers could add a “basic” and “advanced” toggle for the types of users?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

which part exactly is too much?
You can disable the website selector (top right of screen) in the config file.