Importing by ssh logs from server for past analysis with creating profiles in Piwik?


I am administering few websites and from my hosting I am gettting txt log files with exact paths to each site on one shared webhosting.

Is it possible to bulk upload these files into piwik and look on the visits after any time?

For me it is important to see what webpages was opened, from which IP adress and time.

Of course more information will be also usefull.

I have tried to upload these logs but without success due to requirement to make each website profile separately.
Is it any way to upload one big log file from one date and graphical interpret this?
For me the most important points are:

  1. easy upload by bulk import log file
  2. render these logs between multiple websites profiles
  3. gain access to specific entries

I know the Piwik only, maybe there is any other solution better for me?

Hope to hear any suggestions from you :slight_smile:

Yes see: Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo