Importing awsats into piwik error

Hi there,

Tried to import using python script on windows 2003 server and got this following error.

C:\Python26>python “C:\Program Files\BitNami Stack for Piwik\apps\piwik\htdocs\m
isc\log-analytics\” --url=
Najkrótsze adresy w Internecie access.log
Fatal error: Piwik returned an invalid response:

Error: Couldn’t open config file “awstats.test/.conf” nor “awstats.con
Please read the documentation for directories where the configur
ation file should be located.

  • Did you use the correct URL ?<br /

Is there anything to try to solve this situation ?

Thanks in advanced.

–url should point to the piwik server, not awstats config file: read the doc at Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi there,

Thanks for the awnser, but for migrating awstats data into piwik the url should point to piwik site ?