problems config.get_resolver()


Hi, I try to import logfiles but i get this error, whats wrong?
It’s python2.7 php 5.5.12 OS windows server 2008R2 64-bit …
The logfiles are from tomcat 6035

C:\Python27>python k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\ --url= --idsite 3 K:\AccessLogFiles\Wwwlogs\www_access_log.2015-05-13.log

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\”, line 1898, in resolver = config.get_resolver()
File “k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\”, line 765, in get_resolver return StaticResolver(self.options.site_id)
File “k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\”, line 1106, in init ‘SitesManager.getSiteFromId’, idSite=self.site_id
File “k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\”, line 1089, in call_api return cls._call_wrapper(cls._call_api, None, None, method, **kwargs)
File “k:\wamp\www\misc\log-analytics\”, line 1078, in _call_wrapper

raise Piwik.Error(message)

main.Error: [Errno 11004] getaddrinfo failed