Import Google Analytics to Matomo Bash-Script "error or warning logs detected"

We are using the following command to import our google analytics data to matomo:

php ./console googleanalyticsimporter:import-reports --account=accountId--property=propertyId --view=viewId--dates=2022-01-01,2022-01-01 --skip-archiving

(accountid, propertyid and viewid are anonymized for this entry)

When we run this command, it show following output with error at the end:

INFO [2022-04-13 09:06:00] 820025  Using existing custom variable slots.
Importing the following date ranges in order: 2022-01-01,2022-01-01
Importing reports for date range 2022-01-01 - 2022-01-01 from GA view ****.
INFO [2022-04-13 09:06:00] 820025  Importing data for GA View **** for date 2022-01-01...
Done in Time elapsed: 70.364s. [110 API requests made to GA]
Error: error or warning logs detected, exit 1

Where does this error come from? How can we fix it? Any ideas?